1. Parichaya, In Hindi .                                        
  2. Kin kin ke liye upyogi , in Hindi.            
  3.  This is an Open and Free Self Learning site for Inclusive access to good quality study material in English and Hindi.
  4. It offers integrated study material for C.B.S.E. stream, Objective Questions on current affairs for all competitive exams, focus being on Civil Services Examination, both Preliminary and Main. 
  5. Grammar,  Vocabulary and Current Events will  be useful for all entrance / competitive exams. Most competitive exams include current event of 12 months prior to the month of the exam.
  6. English Language and Humanities are the focus.  For Mathematics and Science subjects , only the fundamentals are included to cover the requirement of competitive exams.
  7. Learning to make notes, developing objectivity, and grasping  fundamentals, are important learning areas. Please see ‘Important’ in the base row.  Fundamentals, Important unit, Grammar , Current Events  are  for a serious learner.     
  8. e Payment for online services to be made  at 9650679555.
  9. e mail  : 10into10learning@gmail.com
  10. Can also write by clicking on the envelope.

 VISION: To  Provide Inclusive Access to Quality Self Study Material in English and Hindi for , Social Science subjects and Competitive Exams, at One Place.

MISSION: Facilitating  Learning Capability for :

  1. Developing Objectivity
    Objectivity is based on scientific thinking. An objective view appreciates excellence and goodness, without any personal bias or preference, mindset or emotional inclinations. This ability is worth striving for, as it stands in good stead through life. Objectivity is like valuing a pearl in the sunlight of facts, to bring out the true value of an idea, thought or information.
  2. Making Informed Choices:
    Mentally listing and visualizing the strengths, weaknesses and constraints in any issue or situation. Then selecting of the best choice, that is likely to give optimal output with minimal risk. The first step towards making informed choices, is the ability to select the best,  from the better and the normal. Best quality can be known only through multi dimensional and up to date information, which then is analysed objectively.
  3.  Raising the Right Questions:
    ‘Converting a problem in to right questions is half solving it’. This is a fundamental principle in Operations Research methodology. The right question, at the right time, can often be the difference between failure and success. A question should seek information that is relevant at that time,  to the person asking the question.
  4. Learning the Value of Words  through choice of the correct words in spoken or written form.  Command over any language is an asset for life. Quality learning is about valuing the worth of words. The use of right word,  separates the literates from life long learners.

Quality Policy:
The self study material in English, is of a quality that is at par with the quality of good educational institutes in India. The material for entrance and competitive examinations is up to date and high in quality.

The quality of content of study material in  Hindi, will be at par with that in English for all C.B.S.E self  study material . The school level material will be provided  in English and Hindi up to class 10 only.

 Mission and Vision in Hindi 2017.