Class 5

Introduction : The study material here can be used for classes 1 to 5 . Those who  want to learn  English or Hindi from the beginning , may click here on Four Scripts Chaar Lipiya  pdf. Only vowels of all four scripts are included in this pdf. For other alphabets please click here .aulb1dd Other  books for classed 1 to 4 can be downloaded from e-pathshala on  

List of books for these classes has been included along with NCERT text books in English and  Hindi versions. The STUDY MATERIAL is currently for Hindi and English languages only.  For Environmental Studies, and  Mathematics the Text Books are sufficient.  The zip files of text books will have to be downloaded for opening them.

NCERT BookList  for classes 1 to 5

English Text Books Class 5                         Study  Material  English Class 5

  1.  deap1dd ,
  2. deen1dd


NCERT Mathematics Text Book in English

Ch 1,   Ch 2 ,  Ch 3 ,  Ch 4,  Ch 5,  Ch 6,  Ch 7,   Ch 8_new,Ch 9,  Ch 10,  Ch 11,  Ch 12,  Ch 13Ch 14 Part B,  Ch 14.

It was not possible to upload the Mathematics Text Book in Hindi on this website. Please download it from epathshala



NCERT Environment Science Text Book in Hindi 

Prelim  cover page

Chapter 1  Milte Julte Janvar

Chapter 2 Kahani Saperon Ki

Chapter 3 Kaise Kaise Swad

Chapter 4 Khana Kaise Huaa Kharab

Chapter 5 Beej Ki Baatein

Chapter 6 Boond Boond Dariya

Chapter 7 Terna Dubna

Chapter 8 Rajat Ko Malaria 

Chapter 9 Diary Ke Kucch Panne

Chapter 10 Bolti Imaratein

Chapter 11. Sunita Antariksha

Chapter 12 Chalo Chale 

Chapter 13 Kaise Kaise Ghar Kyon

Chapter 14 Musibat ka samay

Chapter 15 Usi se Thanda

Chapter 16 Kaun karega ye kaam

Chapter 17 Deewar Ke us paar

Chapter 18 Bin Bulaye Mehmaan 

Chapter 19  Baajre Ke Beej 

Chapter 20. Suryamani

Chapter 21 Kiski Jhalak kiski Chaap 

Chapter 22 Dhanu Ke Parivaar