CLAT / Law CSE Elective Paper/ LLB / LLM

Schedule for CLATCommon Law Admission Test for 17 Law Universities

UG2  List of Universities with number of seats for LLB

UniversitiesPG2  List of Universities with number of seats for L. L. M

  1.  How to prepare for CLAT       
  2. Understanding the Idea of Law
  3. Understanding creation and implementation of Law   
  4. Deciding on what is a money bill
  5.  CLAT Constitutional issues 2016 to March 2017
  6. SC to consider whether ministers can express person views in public
  7. Pro bono legal services made a requirement for appointment as  a Judge
  8. Online legal advise Pro bono.
  9. Fiscal Management law and rules expert panel recommendations
  10. Law Panel Examines Kerala HC verdict on Talaq Reforms
  11. Supreme Court ruling of 29.08.2017 on no right to compensation for demolished structure
  12. For up to date Current Events see separate entry at the bottom of webpage

Learning material  on Law  

  1. F1 The Nature of Law .for CLAT pdf
  2. F2 What is Law and Legal Issue  ?
  3. How to read a legal case? by H.L.Hart.
  4. How to Evaluate a Theory?
  5. Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
  6. Mediation as an alternative to legal process
  7. Book Review of chapter on Sociology of Law for CLAT
  8. F5 Concept of Law and Rule of Law for CLAT
  9. Philosophy of Social Sciences part 1 Deductive and Inductive Thinking .
  10. Part 2 Philosophy Notion of Newness in Modernism.
  11. Part 3 Rationality and Realism.
  12. Part 4 Social Sciences after separation from Science
  13. Four Theories of Law and Economics for CLAT from encyclopedia
  14. The Idea of the Developmental State
  15. Sociology of Law and Legal centralism
  16. Informatics and Law
  17. Recent actions on giving gender equality 2018
  18. Constitutional choice theory main points
  19. Law of contemporary societies Sally Engle Merry.  Main points 2018
  20. Law and Economics.
  21. Law and Terrorism.
  22. Debate on Death Penalty main points.
  23. Legal Pragmatism.
  24. Deconstruction by J.M.Balkin  main points
  25. Economic Analysis of Property Law by Posner Main points.

    Other study material for CLAT:

  26. For English Vocabulary and  Grammar  in 40 days, click on ‘Classes’
  27. Paper 2 Unit 1 Quantitative Techniques.
  28. Fundamentals of Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry  can be accessed through Fundamentals on Home page, under ‘Important’.
  29. For  N.C. E. R. T’s  Book on  Solved Problems of Maths, click Civil Services and reach the last book in the Maths list.
  30. Current Affairs Objective Questions to be reviewed from ‘Current Affairs’  unit on Home page or Civil Services Exam
  31.   Review of Geography and fundamentals of Science is also to be completed  from integrated study material provided.

  32. Current events articles pertaining to Judiciary  Please refer to Current events unit also

  33. The Politics of Impeachment 2018
  34. Positives steps for gender justice 2017 – 2018.
  35. Online legal advise Pro bono
  36. 2018 Article on Right to Fair Compensatioin LARR Act 2013. 
  37. SC to consider whether ministers can express person views in public
  38. Legal matter on IPO July 2016  ,
  39.  No immunity from trial Supreme Court ruling July 2016.
  40. Supreme Court Judgment of July 8, 2016,
  41.  Current Judgments for CLAT 2017. 
  42.  Laws on Maps current affairs article.
  43.   Benami transaction act
  44. Qualifying for Single Parenthood
  45. Portuguese civil code  for developing Uniform Civil Code
  46. Lists of legislations on disabilities 
  47. Sedition  misuse of law
  48. Preferential voting system in Australia
  49. Gender related current article
  50. Abuse of law process case in India  September 2016
  51. Insolvancy Code article Nov. 2017 


  52. 2008 Legal Officers’ Exam  Paper 1  General Knowledge of Law
  53. 2008 Legal Officer  Paper 2 English
  54. 2009 Legal Officers’ Exam Paper 1 General knowledge of law
  55. 2012   Legal Officers’ Exam Paper 1 General Knowledge of Law
  56. 2012 Legal Officer  Paper 2 English
  57. 2016  Legal Officer Paper 1 General knowledge of law
  58. 2016  Legal Officer Paper 2 English