CSE Main Compulsory Paper (CP) 1 Language

In CSE (Main) Paper 1  English and Hindi is   compulsory qualifying paper and its marks are not added to the grand total. All study material required for this Paper, is given in Vocabulary and Grammar unit . The unit covers advance level as well. The CSE  qualifying paper will be of CBSE Class 10 level, as can be seen in the NCERT text book of English for Class 10. The NCERT  Text Books of English and Hindi,   for classes 5 to 12, are also available here.

In case, further help is needed, query may be sent  to 10x10learning.com by clicking on the envelope, on the right side margin.

The NCERT  Text Books of English and Hindi  for classes 5 to 12, are  available in School unit for review, if required.

Daily practice for Precise and  Comprehension topics is suggested. Try making a precise of one editorial, from any newspaper that you read. This practice will cover both these topics.

  1. Syllabus for Paper I English  Qualifying Paper CSE (MAIN)

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  3. HINDI(COMPULSORY)    Qualifying nature only
  4. ENGLISH(COMPULSORY) Qualifying nature only