CSE Main CP 4 General Studies Paper 3 Constitution and Polity


  1.  Latest Articles:
  2.  Judicial review of own judgement August 2016

  3. STUDY MATERIAL    For updates of all papers please see ‘ Current Events’ 

  4. Paper 3 GS 2 Core Principles of Constitutional Democracy.
  5. Paper II Indian Constitution and Policy CSE Main 2018.
  6. CSE main Paper 3.2 Social Justice
  7. CSE 2018 Compulsory papers 3 and 4 Poverty Issues and Inclusive growth
  8. CSE Main P 3 International Relations
  9. International Relations CSE 2018
  10. Judicial and Constitutional matters 2017
  11. Short Notes CSE Main Compulsory Papers

  12. Paper 3 CSE Major International Institutions 
  13. Multi-level Governance under Globalisation
  14. Defining and Measuring Governance
  15. Equity and gender issues and development debate

    Governance Unit Learning material

  16. Most of the material on Governance is included in Paper 5 on Ethics. 
  17. Issues and Impact studies on Globalization
  18. State led development ‘Seeing like a State’
  19. Constitutional choice theory main points.
  20. Changing role of bureaucracy.
  21. Rule of Law concept and its use
  22. Relationship between elected executive and civil services
  23. 73rd 74th Amendments and Local Governance
  24. About decentralization and local governance
  25. Civil Society and Governance concept.
  26. Measuring Governance Part 2.
  27. Policy Analysis pptx 2018
  28. Sevottam_Guidelines_Sept_2011
  29. Citizens Charter and GRM At a Glance content
  30. Governance and Globalisation.
  31. Oftel as a new decision making structure in globalised world
  32. Law and Terrorism.

    Development related study material

  33. How to study and understand Development?
  34. How to Evaluate a Theory ?
  35. Points on How to read a legal case by H.L.Hart.
  36. High Modernism and its Transforming Visions
  37. Theories of Democracy, Governance and Bureaucracy
  38. Planning versus Strategic Management 2018
  39. Total Quality Management in public service
  40. SECTION1UNIT6  Total  Quality Management
  41. Sustainable Development and Reading List.
  42. Guide to Strategic Reviews Centre for Good Governance 2003
  43. Politics of Service Delivery Reforms article.
  44. National E-Governance Action Plan
  45. Article on linking of Aadhaar to mobile 2017
  46. Emblems Act.

Social Justice Unit Learning material

  1. Review article on women safety in India 2018
  2. Recent actions on giving gender equality 2018
  3. Gist of impact of demonetisation 2016.CSE 2018