Economics B.A. / M.A./ CSE Elective paper

Part 2 Philosophy Notion of Newness in Modernism

  1. Economics M. A. Syllabus
  2. Question Papers Union Public Service Commission
  3. geneco-i
  4. geneco-ii
  5. geneco-iii
  6.  indeconomics

MEC_109 Research Methods in Economics PDF

MECP-101 _4_ PDF


  1. For review of basic economics see  ‘Fundamentals’ under Important at the end below
  2. Economic Reforms 1991 and Ease of Doing Business 2017
  3.  Impact of liberalisation up to March 2017
  4. Financial Framework in India
  5. Trajectories of Development States.
  6. Developmental State Society Relationship Term Paper 2018
  7. Problem of Contract in Common Resource
  8. Powell Institutional analysis chapter-1  Summary of main points
  9. Four Theories of Law and Economics for CLAT from encyclopedia
  10. Philosophy of Social Sciences Part 1.
  11. Part 2 Philosophy Notion of Newness in Modernism.
  12. Part 3 Rationality and Realism.
  13. Part 4 Social Sciences after separation from Science.

  1. Economic Growth part 1 Article by Atul Kholi
  2. Economic Growth part 2 Atul Kholi
  3. Rainfall and Agriculture1951 to 2003 . Article by Sulochana and Siddhartha Gadgil.
  4. Ecological impact from 1700-2000 A Socioecological perspective, by  Haberi, Krausmann, and Gingrich.

    Relevant Articles from J Store

  5. Economic Analysis of Law   Shavell
  6. General characteristics of Rules
  7. Social Norms from Economic Dictionary
  8. Rational Choice Theory in Law and Economics
  9. Review  of Wicksell  papers
  10. Tragedy of  the  commons by   Hardin
  11. Commons  and anti commons by Buchanan
  12. History  in common property discourse
  13. Mapping  commons futures by Carol Warren
  14. Bardhan : Commons problem
  15. Open  access  and  extinction  by Berck
  16. Ostrom : Role  of  institutions  in  forest  management
  17. Seabright’s  article  on commons problem
  18. Ostrom’s  article  on commons  problem
  19. Monitoring  elite capture  in  community development
  20. Extractive  reserves  in amazon  river  basin

  21. Intellectual Property theories

  22. Boundaries of private property by M A Heller
  23. Property in land Ellickson
  24. Original assignment of private property
  25. Property  Right  paradigm by Alchain  and  Demsetz
  26. Towards a  theory  of  property rights by Demsetz
  27.  Property Rights  and Nature  of Firm by  Hart and Moore
  28. Grossman_and_Hart : Cost and Benefits of Ownership
  29. Williamson O, 1971 Vertical Integration of  production
  30. Structure of Contract by Cheung