English Literature B.A. / M.A.

For English Literature all material is given in common, and is broadly organised as per syllabus for CSE (Main) 2016. Original Texts are included only for topics prescribed for  detailed study. Syllabus for each study material is included at the beginning, along with the content.  A few topics in Paper 2 are currently work in progress, to be completed at the earliest.

         As the topics in syllabi for various Under Graduate courses vary, Under Graduates  and Post Graduates are requested to to select their topics as required.  The study material is also useful for Senior Secondary School as per topics prescribed.

Syllabus :

  1. BA Hons English, University of Delhi
  2. BA English, Banaras  Hindu University

 Study material 

  1. Fundamentals of literature
  1. F1 Literature History Paper 1
  2. F1 LP 2 Literature Paper II History
  3. F2 Renaissance contd Bacon Essays
  4. LITERATURE Paper 1 Donne
  5. Literature Donne F2   
  6.  F3 Neo classism and Satire
  7. Paper 1Wordsworth F1   
  8. F5 The Novel
  9. F4 Wordsworth to Eliot
  10. Wasteland by T. S. Eliot An Analysis of
  11. W. H. Auden  Text of Poems prescribed
  12. Unknown_Citizen
  13. W. B. Yeats .Analysis of select poems pdf

  14. Original Texts for Detailed Study