History B.A / M.A. /CSE (Main) Elective History Papers 1 and 2

For Reference:  One question paper of previous year

  1. HISTORY I .
  3. History Syllabus Paper 1.
  4. History syllabus Paper 2.

    Study Material Notes on

  5. What is History by E. H. Carr Summary of main points
  6. Philosophy of Social Sciences part 1. Deductive and Inductive Thinking.
  7. Part 2 Philosophy Notion of Newness in Modernism.
  8. Part 3 Rationality and Realism.
  9. Part 4 Social Sciences after separation from Science.

Study Material  Paper 1

Ancient Indian History

  1. F1 Pre-Harappan and Harappan
  2. F2Patterns of post Harappan cultures
  3. F3 Political and social conditions from 650 to 1200 AD
  4. F4 Significance of Sankaracharya’s mission
  5. Cholas and Indian Ocean trade with China
  6. Historical Maps  Ancient and Medieval India

    Medieval Indian History

  7. F1 Feudal economy and revival of trade under Delhi Sultanate
  8. F2 Provincial Kingdoms 1200-1556
  9. F3 Indo Persian Cultural synthesis in medieval times
  10. F4 The growth of new literary languages in Medieval India
  11. F5 Religious Movements of 15th and 16th centuries
  12. F6 Cultural contribution  Mughal Court
  13. F7 Causes of disintergration of Mughal Empire

  14. Study Material  Paper 2   Modern Indian History  

  15. F1 P2 British conquest of Bengal
  16. F2 P2 Stages of Colonialism in India. 
  17. F3 P2 Characteristics of a colonial country
  18. F4 P2 Changes in Agrarian structure under the Company 
  19. F5 P2 Mercantilism,Imperialism and Nationalism
  20. F6 P2 Social and religious movements in 19th and 20th century
  21. F7 P2 Early Nationalists programme policies techniques
  22. F8 P2 National Indian Army’s role. Paper 2. 7 docx
  23. F9 P2 Economic background for rise of communalism during freedom struggle
  24. F10 P2 Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership. Paper 2.9 docx
  25. F11 P2 Militant Nationalists.Paper 2.8 docx