Online Learning Paid Services and Office Services

The learning material enables first generation learners,  from SC / ST/ OBC/ SEBC / Women who have not had the benefit of  access to quality school or college education.  The enrolled person can learn at her own pace and take longer than three months.

Rates for rural areas and II and III tier towns. Send email at  stating your name postal address and course subjects, OR through this site by clicking on envelope to register . Registration fee is Rs.200/ (Rupees Twenty only ).   e Payment at 9650679555.   e mail :

Online Service Group 1.

English Compulsory Paper for all Competitive Exams

  1. Special Package  for 40 days @ Rs 2000/- with daily written practice work.
  2. Regular Package for 90 days @ Rs 2000/- with weekly written practice work.

For Civil Services  and other Competitive exams of UPSC and States PS Commissions :  

1. CSE (Preliminary) Examination @ Rs. 2000/- per month ( 3 month package)

2.  CSE (Main) Examination  Compulsory Papers @ Rs. 2000/- per month per paper.

3. English subject as prescribed  for school and under graduation @ Rs. 5000/- per month.

5.   Under Graduation studies in Humanities : Tutorials / Term Papers / subject coaching for@ Rs 2000/- per paper.

6  Post Graduation studies in Humanities: Subject papers and  Term Papers coaching for @ 2000/- per  paper.



 Documentation : MOU based time bound delivery of output.

  1.   Model MOU for Online Paid Office Services  pdf .
  2.   Model MOU for Online Paid Office Services Word Macro Template .
  3.  Model MOU for Online Paid Office Services  Word Template.

Work starts only after signed MOU is received.

  1. O2O Work 1 : Summary of longer Reports: Government, Private, and others. One Hard copy of the Report to be sent by Speed Post or courier.
  2. Time line: Minimum time of  5 working days,  for soft copy of version 0.1, for each Volume of Report.
  3.  Work fee per Volume: Retainer Rs. 10,000/- payable on signing of Memorandum Of Understanding.   On submission of Version 0.1 of Summary for comments/ corrections : Rs. 15,000/- .  Within 10 days of submission of  Final version : Rs. 20,000/-  G. S.T : Not applicable.
  4. Extra Fee on Power Point Presentation on the Report , if required , will depend on number of slide limit specified in the MOU :  3 to 5 slides with Word copy of 3 minute presentation : Rs. 10,000/- ; 6 to 10 slides with word copy : Rs. 7,000/- ; 10 to 20 slides with reference list to pages / para of Report in the word copy Rs. 5,000/-.

  5. O2O Work 2 : Compiling  documents into Reports. Time line varies as per document and is to be agreed.  Total fee is Retainer : Rs. 5,000/- Lumpsum amount Rs. 30,000/-

  6.  O2O Work 3: Making power point presentations of documents @ depend on number of slide limit specified in the MOU :  3 to 5 slides with Word copy of 3 minute presentation : Rs. 10,000/- ; 6 to 10 slides with word copy : Rs. 7,000/- ; 10 to 20 slides with reference list to pages / para of Report in the word copy Rs. 5,000/-.

  7. O2O Work 4: Translation of  Legal Documents from English to Hindi  @ Rs. 2,500/- for 2 page document ; Hindi to English @ Rs. 3,000/- for 2 page document;
  8. 5 to 15 pages lumpsum Rs.6,000/ for English to Hindi and Rs. 9,000/for Hindi to English   Time line : Same day for 2 pages ;  2 to 3 days for 15 pages.
  9.   For translation of books or booklets the rate to be as per content.
  10. Any other similar documentation work as per specification.

    2. Creation of Work Manual and other administrative documents. This a 3 month project at a total cost of 40,000/-
    3. Process Reengineering is a 10 month project. Cost range is  from Rs. 40,000 to 96,000/- depending on the elements of work selected and size of the project.
    4.  Concept of Quality with a human face
    5.  Timelines : These are optimal timelines already tested out in larger district level projects. Meeting the timeline anticipates timely response from clients as well.


                         DELIVERABLES TIMELINES cum payment  Schedule
    For 3 months projects For 10months projects
    1 2 3 4
    10% advance payable 10% advance payable
    1. Initiation Report: 1

    A presentation on what is proposed to be done and how it will bring improvement, in a meeting of all personnel in the organisation.   Observing and Interacting for listing of as is processes, identifying gaps and  areas that need strengthening.

    a)     Stakeholders’ consultation plan and tools.

    b)    Listing of documents to be used for documentation in the 3 month project.


    1For starting consultation by the firm.


     5 days First month
    2. As Is Report :  Recording the system as in existence,  at the beginning of the  project , including analysis of :

    a)     Existing processes

    b)    Existing gaps as initially observed.

    c)      Strength,  Weaknesses,  Opportunities , Threats (SWOT) Analysis

    d)    Grievance prone areas and grievances received, if any.


     10 days 2nd month
    Invoice for first instalment payment to be raised here.
    3. Methodology Report :

    Proposed methodology for bringing improvements in manufacturing / service delivery system  for comments and acceptance by Steering Committee

    25 days



    3rd and 4th months


     Second Invoice
    Instalment payable
    4. Implementation Report

    a)     Creation of the first draft of Processes based on stakeholder consultations.

    b)    Pilot testing them

    c)     Submission for acceptance.

    d)    Establishing a grievance redress system and prevention of grievances



    15 days 5th and 6th months
    3rd Instalment payable
    5. Hands on Training of personnel on the revised or new processes and flow of work .


    20 days 7th month
    6 Creation of Service Quality Manual (SQM) for BIS Certification, if opted for.


     15 days for both documents  SQM only if the firm is going for BIS certification



    Final payment in last five days of 3rd month

    8th month
    7. Creation of User Manual that includes:

    a)     New methodology as accepted and improved on basis of Hands On training feedback / observations.


    b)    Insights gained during implementation or project work for future growth.

    c)     SWOT analysis at the end of the project.


    d)    A recommended Plan of Action for growth for next two years.

    9th and 10th months






    Final instalment payable in the last week of 10th month