Political Science B.A. / M.A./CSE Elective paper

Philosophy of Social Sciencies part 1.

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Political Science M A Syllabus IGNOU

Study Material 

  1. Core Principles of Constitutional Democracy.
  2. Scientific Principles and General Principles.
  3. Constitutional choice theory main points.
  4. Philosophy of Social Sciences part 1. Deductive and Inductive Thinking.
  5. Part 2 Philosophy Notion of Newness in Modernism.
  6. Part 3 Rationality and Realism.
  7. Part 4 Social Sciences after separation from Science
  8. Rule of Law concept and its use.

  9. Theories and analysis

  10. How to study Development?
  11. How to Evaluate a Theory?
  12. Debate on theories of Market formation
  13. Theories of Democracy, Governance and Bureaucracy
  14.  Developmental State Society Relationship Term Paper
  15. High Modernism and its Transforming Visions.
  16.   Main International institutions. 
  17. Multi level Governance and Global Governance theory
  18. Issues and Impact studies on Globalization
  19. Oftel as a new decision making structure in globalised world
  20. Defining and Measuring Governance
  21. Measuring Governance Part 2.
  22. Multi-level Governance under Globalisation
  23. Equity and gender issues and development debate
  24. Civil Society participation in national and global governance
  25. India as a Democracy in Making 2014 to 2018
  26. Multi dimensional context for study of History
  27. Law of contemporary societies Sally Engle Merry         Main points
  28. Rethinking Embedded Autonomy Main Points Pertains to Developmental State
  29. Embedded Autonomy Peter Evans.
  30. Evans article Predatory Developmental and Other Apparatuses, Summary.

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  2. New Institutionalism and Legislative Governance in Indian States 
  3. Rethinking governance by  Kelly
  4. A Handbook of State Politics
  5. Carpenter: Reputation and the Regulator_
  6. Duncan  Black  on the model  of Group Decision Making
  7. New Institutionalism in Political Science
  8. Ostrom : A behavioural approach to Collective Choice
  9. Public  provision  of  private  goods
  10. Knowledge management research article

    Preferential voting system in Australia  Current article