Sociology B.A. / M.A/ CSE Elective paper

  1. Sociology syllabus  M. A.  IGNOU


  1.  Philosophy of Social Sciences part 1. Deductive and Inductive Thinking.
  2. Part 2 Philosophy Notion of Newness in Modernism.
  3. Part 3 Rationality and Realism.
  4. Part 4 Social Sciences after separation from Science.
  5. F1 Sociological theories applied to bureaucracy
  6. F 2 Sociological theories for democracies
  7. 5 Book Reviews from Sociology Review 2007
  8. Book Review of chapter on Sociology of Law 
  9. Developmental State Society Relationship Term Paper 2018
  10. Sociology of Law and Legal centralism
  11. Constitutional choice theory main points.
  12. High Modernism and its Transforming Visions.
  13. Law of contemporary societies Sally Engle Merry Main points
  14. How to Evaluate a Theory
  15. Rethinking Embedded Autonomy Main Points.
  16. Measuring Governance Part 2.
  17. Polany, Market Pattern Great Transformations Chapters 5 and 6 
  18. Embedded Autonomy Peter Evans.
  19. Evans article Predatory Developmental and Other Apparatuses  Summary
  20. Debate on Death Penalty main points.


  1. Organizational learning  by Levitt and March
  2. Choice with in constraints implications  by Ingram and Clay
  3. Culture and cognition by Paul di Maggio
  4. Granovetter : Eco change and social structure
  5. Logic of appropriateness by March and Olsen
  6. Meyer and Rowan : Formal Structure as Myth and Ceremony
  7. Limits  of  new  institutionalism by  Kraatz, M.S and  Zajac, E. J.
  8. Clemens Cook: Politics and institutionalism : Explaining Durability and Change
  9. Sources  of the new institutionalism by Nee
  10. Hood : New Public Management 1995
  11. Kuhn’s philosophy based article on change